CD-ROM Duplication

CD Duplication

Pressed silver finish CD with glass mastering holding up to 650MB of data.

  • Ideal uses include: Marketing promotions, large software releases, data distribution.
  • Screen or off-set litho print onto the surface, for cost effective runs of 500 and above.
  • Package your CD-ROM in a range of innovative and cost effective ways. From wallets & jewel cases, ring binders & slipcases and sierra boxes to more bespoke designs.
  • CD-R Duplication

    • High quality media with silver or white finish and a range of coloured CD-R media is available.
    • Ideal uses include: Corporate branding, bespoke software, beta testing and training materials.
    • Screen print or apply a digitally printed label onto the surface to promote your company branding & services. If you need it, we can then duplicate your data onto the disc.
    • Lower volume runs, ideal for software that is updated on a regular basis.
    • No glass mastering and a quicker lead-time than CD-ROM.
    • Package your CD-R in a range of plastic or card wallets, or create a bespoke design.

    DVD-R + DVD5 & DVD9, Blu-Ray Disc, HD-DVD

    DVD Drive

    There are more and more instances today where a CD does not have sufficient capacity to hold all the information required. Where this is the case the DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) provides the perfect solution.

    There are several types of DVD (DVD5, DVD9 and HD-DVD). The type of DVD you require will depend on the amount of data you need to store. The most common DVD5 disk will hold up to 4.5GB of data. The process for manufacturing DVD’s is quite different to that of a CD-ROM and if you do not have experience of producing DVD masters we would recommend you contact us.


    USB Branded - Ping Identity

    Promote your Business

    A branded USB Memory product is a great way to promote your business and create a brand awareness for your business. Branded memory sticks come in a wide range of designs, sizes, colours and materials. All our branded USB’s can be custom printed or engraved with your company logo either as a gift or a promotion.

    We offer high quality USB, fast delivery and a large range, including environmentally friendly USB’s – that don’t cost the earth. We proof, print, engrave and can pre-load with data.

    We can also offer custom USB’s in various shapes to give you that uniqueness and make you stand out from the crowd.

    Branded USB Sticks

    Custom USB Sticks

    USB Twister Set

    The Twister Flashdrive is a metal sleeve over a soft rubber coated or transparent plastic body. The rotating sleeve protects the USB plug, eliminating the need for a lid.

    USB Branded TMS Maritime

    You can also extend your USB with print, either advertising your business or with a promotional message.

    USB Branded - Renishaw

    Engraved designs are also available and are incredibly tactile. We can also offer a range of USB Packaging solutions. Tin boxes work well with our branded metal USB’s.

    USB Branded - Land

    USB Branded - Ping Identity

    USB’s help our customers stand out from the crowd, enabling you the means to promote your business as well as providing the means to get the data to where it needs to be.

    Packaging Options

    We have lots of ideas and solutions for packaging your USB’s. Please contact us for more information.

    USB Metal Case USB Wooden Case USB Metal Circle Case USB Box USB Pouch USB Plastic Box

    Price available on application